Monday, June 15, 2015

Building a Simple Home with Little Money

Many today believe that it takes a ton of money to own a home and in many parts of the country, it does! However, Erin and her husband along with her five children are building their own little homestead on very little money with the help of the community and finding old things to reuse. They found a nice plot of land and they are using an old barn to make into a home for their family. On their land are six cabins they are refinishing so other families can come stay for awhile and learn all about homesteading and living off of the land.

We envisioned children playing in the creek and petting the baby animals, women with aprons tied around their waist learning the art of cheese making and break baking, men out chopping fire wood and building things in a shop, cooking over open fires, families helping pick produce and canning the harvest with us, not to mention the fellowship around the campfires each night. And each season would invite another camp experience.

When we bought this property all we saw was a bunch of shacks. Hence the name, Shackville! It wasn't until about two weeks ago that it dawned on us...We have the camp! The Lord just put this camp right into our lap with no investment at all except our time and energy! We did not have to have any money down and are basically renting to own. See how God works! We are just plain old poor country fold with a big GOD!

They don't watch television so they don't have to worry about their children sitting around watching it all day and playing video games. Each child was given a cabin to remodel! They work hard in the garden. The boys are helping their dad remodel the big barn and the girls help Erin set up their home. They all work hard together and play hard.

They will grow a lot of their own food and use little electricity, instead learning to live off of the land. Many of their neighbors have pitched in to help. An older woman who was very lonely came to live with them. Erin has an open door policy. She helps those in need. This woman has taught her many things and is helping them in ways they never imagined. They are reaping what they are sowing.

Do you realize how healthy this is for their whole family living this way; body, soul and mind? They work hard and enjoy the fruit of their labor. They are becoming less dependent on others and more self-sufficient, just the way God originally created man to live, in a garden and working the soil, building their homes, and healthy physical labor.

Erin wrote a wonderful book entitled Living Virtuously: Keeping Your Heart and Home which is a book full of information any woman can use. {She just lowered the cost by $4 for my readers!} Follow along on her blog and you can watch step by step how they are transforming this old run down piece of property into a beautiful place for a family to live. When they are all done, maybe you'd like to go live in one of their cabins for awhile and spend some time learning how to homestead, garden, can, sew, and all the other things you need to know to become more self-sufficient!

Then the LORD God took the man and 
put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.
Genesis 2:15

I was inspired to organize my spice rack after reading about Erin's new kitchen. I went to Ralphs Supermarket and bought 2 cases of 12 pint sized mason jars for $8 each case!