Monday, June 8, 2015

Longing For the Good Old Days

In the 60s, when I was growing up, we watched shows like the Dick Van Dyke Show. In Rob and Laura's bedroom {the couple the show revolved around} there were two separate beds. When they were sitting on the bed together, they had to have one foot on the floor. This was mandated back then. Oh, how far we've come.

Now, soon after couples meet, they're in bed together naked in and off screen. Unfortunately, even many Christians couple are participating in fornication {having sex before marriage}. I loved the shows made in the 60s: The Andy Griffith Show, Leave it to Beaver, The Beverly Hillbillies, My Three Sons, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Mister Ed, and I Love Lucy. We never had to worry about seeing anything inappropriate; no bad language, no immodesty and no sex. Our parents could let us watch TV without being closely monitored and having to speed through the commercials. Now, I tape almost all of the shows I watch so I can speed through the commercials. Even when watching the Duggars, there were indecent commercials, especially of other upcoming shows. 

Yet, there are many who think our society is getting better due to the sexual revolution and feminism. They can live as they please, regardless of the dire results their choices have made for the family and society. There are countless women who have spent a fortune getting a career. After they have their career, they have to work for many years when they're married to pay off their debt, which prevents them from being home full-time and having babies. Many women confess to me they believed the lies of society and mourn because of poor choices they have made.

When anyone states they long for the good old days, what they're longing for is a more innocent time. What we're really longing for is our new earth where there will be no sin at all. If you are a believer in Christ, you should long for decency, sexual purity, modesty, kindness and godliness. We're not going to get these down here from this wicked and depraved generation.  Yes, life in America had many of these qualities years ago, but it was a rare time in history since America was founded upon biblical principles. However, all great societies are eventually destroyed through the sins we see taking over in our society. {Just yesterday morning, Ken and I took our daily walk around the park and there was a woman in a thong bikini modeling for a photographer! Sadly, it's impossible to escape the immodesty around us.}

Therefore, what can we do? Be in the Word daily and walk in the Spirit so we can easily discern right from wrong. Encourage our daughters to desire to be wives and mothers since they are the ones who influence society the most. Teach them to be modest and what it means to save themselves for their husband's eyes alone. Love and submit to our husband so our marriage is an example of Christ and His bride to others. Walk courageously and don't live in fear. Draw unbelievers to us by being optimistic and thankful, even smiling at the future. Lastly, long for our heavenly home for this is where there will be no more tears, pain, sin or suffering.

Therefore consider the members of your 
earthly body as dead to immorality, 
impurity, passion, evil desire, and greed, 
which amounts to idolatry.
Colossians 3:5

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