Tuesday, June 23, 2015

C. S. Lewis' Thoughts on Homemaking

Many in today's society hate Truth, even Christians. I realize that the very most important Truth is Christ's death and resurrection for a true believer. However, God's Word is a blueprint for living, therefore, if we want lives that are pleasing to Him, we must study His Word and live our lives according to it. We must not hate any of his directions to us on how we are to live. They are for our good, not because He wants to make our lives miserable. On the contrary, His prescriptions for living are the best way to live.

Many think that I dislike working mothers since I teach about being keepers at home so much. I don't dislike working mothers. I love them, therefore, I teach them what is best for them and their families. I also teach them to be keepers at home since God commands me to teach them this no matter what gets thrown at me.

Few women alive are equipped with the super strength necessary at the end of a workday to meet the emotional needs of their children, to train and guide and discipline, to build self-esteem, to teach the true values of life, and beyond all that, to maintain a healthy marital relationship as well. {Dr. James Dobson}

It would appear that the woman willing to lose her life temporarily in the lives of her family stands to gain the most. God's economy seems backward to us - lose in order to gain, give in order to get and die that we might live. But it works. {Marilee Horton}

Why do so many hate to hear this Truth? It surely must be because they hate Truth since it is clearly spelled out in Scripture. Many hate it when I teach a wife is to submit to her husband. Again, they must hate Truth since God is clear about this also. Many seem to pick and choose what they like and dislike to fit their lifestyle so they won't offend others. I would rather offend others than disobey God.

Women don't like hearing that what they are doing is not in obedience to God's Word. They feel judged and want others to agree with them in their decisions, even if it goes contrary to Scripture. We live in a "feel good" society. Make everyone feel good and comfortable, instead of confronting them with the Truth.

I don't want women to be comfortable doing things that are opposite of what God commands. I know that they will be so much better off as well as their husbands, children and even society if they come home full-time, if at all possible, and joyfully minister to their family, since as C.S. Lewis' words above so aptly say, "The Homemaker's job is one for which ALL others exist!" What can be more important than this?

Older women teach young women...to be keepers at home.
Titus 2:3-5