Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Do Careers Give Meaning to Women?

Women wanted to be the same as men so they left their homes and sought careers to find meaning since men find meaning in their careers. Therefore, as they were growing up, they were thinking about their career path instead of getting married. Many went to higher education, built up debt, and finally reached their career. They worked hard in their career for a while but still just could not find meaning in it like the men could. What was wrong?

Women aren't like men and women aren't supposed to find meaning in their careers. They aren't built physically for what it takes to have careers for long periods of time. Studies had proven that women get careers that give them solid time off and they won't have to be on call. After a while, they get worn out from their career. Some get married while they have careers and get even more exhausted trying to run a career and a home. 

The question is would you rather have a fabulous career or fabulous marriage? Women have been lied to. They spend all of their growing up years thinking their lives were about having having careers and preparing for them. Then when they finally have their careers, they figure out there is little to no meaning in their careers. Instead of spending their lives preparing for careers, God tells women they should spend their lives preparing for marriage, child bearing, and homekeeping. This is where they will find meaning. 

Unfortunately, even Christian women have fallen for the lie of our culture. Instead of seeking careers, they should be preparing for marriage by getting an education that doesn't cost much and doesn't put them into debt. It also needs to be a career they can drop the moment they either get married or, for sure, when they have children. Teaching is a good career since they can use their credential to teach their own children, in case this is required. 

Besides seeking a career, they should work on learning how to cook and keep a home clean and tidy. They should be mentored on how to be a godly wife and please their husband. Even learning what to look for in a potential husband is an extremely important thing to learn. I told my girls to marry men who loved the Lord deeply and worked hard. Neither of them wanted a career and both of them only wanted to get married and have children.

It's okay to not do what our culture is doing. In fact, it's great to not do what our culture is doing since most of what they are doing is opposite to what the Lord wants us to do. Be in the Word and find out for yourself what His Word is telling you and then obey it. You will find abundant blessings in living your life for the Lord and not for man.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14