Thursday, March 17, 2016

Being Discreet in Our Crass Culture

Godly women are commanded to be discreet. Our society does not promote this in women in any way. It promotes the opposite. In fact, college does the opposite of promoting being discreet in women. It teaches them to be loud, independent and like men since they teach that both sexes are equal in every way and women can do everything men can do. 

Some Christian women have also told me they regret ever going to college since all they learned in college made it harder for them to be content raising children at home, whereas those women who didn't go to college, seemed much more content in their role as wives and mothers. Why women don't want to be content being a woman in the roles God has designed for them and instead want to be a man, I will never understand.

Katie from my post Women Are to Be Discreet had some great words about her Grandmother and how she taught her many things about being discreet. Few women today have a role model of someone who is discreet in their life. Hollywood shows women who are not discreet in the way they dress, what they say, and the way they act. Here is Katie's description:

Honestly, I prefer to not even dress in front of my husband or have him watch me get ready. I've never gone to the bathroom in front of him. I try and dress feminine and fix my hair a little before he comes home. I also make sure our little girl has clean clothes on and a clean face. My husband works so hard and he has said he appreciates coming home to clean and cheerful ladies! :) 

My grandmother actually gave me those tips when I got married. She stayed home, always looked put together, and made wonderful meals in a clean house. She was always private about personal things and taught me, my sisters and cousins to be discreet, too. When we visited, she encouraged us to get dressed and have our hair fixed before coming to the breakfast table where everyone was seated (no pajamas allowed!) and we had to have very good manners at the table. The girls waited on the boys and I honestly enjoyed that. There was a sense of order and respect and it was still a happy and loving environment. 

She took the girls shopping and then to a lady's only salon to get our haircut and fixed and grandpa took the boys separately to the barber shop. Sometimes she'd let us look at her dressing table with her lotions and perfumes and jewelry; that was the best! She had the prettiest old-fashioned claw foot bathtub and would fill it with bubbles for us when we were little. She was very feminine and pretty and we admired her. 

My grandpa and everyone else just loved her. She was very faithful to the Lord and involved with church. I loved listening to her read the Bible to us and encouraging us to love and serve others. Some of my happiest memories were the summers we spent with them! I learned a lot from her example. It's a good reminder to teach my daughter these things too while she is still young. 

 I forgot to mention that sitting at the breakfast table, she'd teach us to watch our grandfather and the boys to anticipate if they needed anything. She taught us to sit like ladies even while we were still little girls and it always stuck with me. I played softball in high-school and would sit in the dugout with my legs crossed! She never went into town without a little pink lipstick on. She also saved her old purses and high heels and we'd get to play dress up with them. I guess it just meant a lot to me because my mother worked out of the home six days a week, so I appreciated my grandmother's example. 

Now, most men enjoy watching their wives getting dressed and especially undressed, so this one I would suggest you ask your husband about! All of the rest are wonderful examples for us to follow and especially teach our daughters while they are young. We live in a crass culture where everyone is doing what they think is right in their own eyes. God wants women to be discreet and chaste in all that they do. We should love being different than men and enjoy our role as wives and mothers, since this is how our Creator created us.

Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a 
beautiful woman without discretion.
Proverbs 11:22