Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Men are Better Under Stress

There is a study which has discovered that men are better under stress. Surprise, surprise! Do you wonder why this is so? God made men with ten times the testosterone than women to go "slay the dragons" as Dr. Laura used to say. Women were created to be the nesters and nurturers at home all day raising children and being help meets to their husband. There are no stressful deadlines doing this. Dinner may be late but so what? They can't get fired or lowered pay. They may be late to church since a child messed his diapers right as they were leaving the home. So what? They aren't going to get kicked out of the church. Women in the home do not have the deadlines that men have, thankfully, since we are not built to handle the stress that they do.

This test concluded"In short, when women are under time constraints in competitive settings, they under perform compared to men in math and are less likely to choose to compete." That sounds about right. A man, going out to provide for his family, is stressful since not providing for his family has very negative consequences; the possibility of losing their home, deep debt, not enough to eat, etc. I will never understand women wanting to do men's roles. Never. God created male and female differently to fulfill the roles that He created for them and no matter how much women try to fulfill men's roles, they will never have the same capacity to fulfill it like a man can.

Now, since the feminist movement, women are getting all of the diseases related to stress that men get. Stress is hard on a body and it is probably why men typically die younger than women. However, since women are not created to handle stress as well as men, they will soon find out that it is more harmful on a female than a male. The hormones and anatomy of a male help them to handle the stress better than those of a female.

I was watching an interview with a married couple who both work outside of the home. The woman was bemoaning the fact that her husband never feels one bit of guilt for working and being away from the home all day, but she has a lot of guilt. This frustrates her and I am sure it frustrates many women who work full-time. They wonder why it doesn't bother the men. This  should be a huge red flag to career women, along with the study concerning stress, that maybe, just maybe they weren't created to be out in the workforce but tending the home and family instead.

Isn't it fascinating to watch studies prove what God intended all along? Man's "wisdom" will never outsmart God's. Cultures and families will never be healthy until they get back to God's way of doing things, instead of their way. Can you believe there are women who would rather be policemen, firemen, and fight wars than be home cuddling their children?

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. 
For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.
1 Corinthians 3:19

***If you would love to come home but don't know how to do it financially, here is a great book by Larry Burkett called Women Leaving the Workplace. "Parents have only one chance to raise their children. If they squander that chance, most will regret it the rest of their lives. As a financial counselor, my purpose is to help working mothers who want to stay home examine the decisions they must make, prepare for the inevitable changes that will come, and anticipate some of the problems that may result from their decision.' Outside influences are wreaking havoc on family values. Now is the time for mothers to find a way to spend more time with their children. Two-income families outweigh single-income families three to one. Home-based businesses are becoming the trend. Larry Burkett gives insightful, practical counsel on how to survive the cutback from two incomes to one. Larry thoughtfully deals with a wide range of topics."