Thursday, March 10, 2016

Forever Worried Homemakers

Yes, we are living in scary days in America with the possibility of Trump or Hillary becoming our President. Last week, I didn’t listen to any news programs. I went cold turkey because it was so depressing. Guess what, my life was peaceful and without anxious thoughts. Even Dennis Prager, who is a political radio show pundit, said that our lives are not supposed to be about politics! Amen. When Paul wrote about women loving and obeying their husbands, loving their children and being keepers at home, I’m sure the political climate was much worse than ours. Our lives are NOT about politics!

Lady Lydia wrote a great post about this subject several years ago since she probably saw how politics was consuming and frightening many women. Women have told me they’re afraid to bring children into this world. Remember, God told us to not fear many times in the Bible. He is still on His throne and is sovereign over all.

Lady Lydia wrote,I have discovered that most of the things we believe, which has come from the news media are hyped up suppositions, and even total lies, which keep the homemaker forever worried and uncertain, and do nothing to aid in achieving the neat and tidy house, beautiful home, and loving, loyal family every woman really desires deep down in her heart. To my mind, all official media reports are lies until proven true.

Radio and television's continuous assault on your hearing and your nerves, can cause you to lose interest in making meals special, making a bed up beautifully, sewing a dress, shopping for things to improve the home or developing your talents. Women are designed by God to be loyal to their families and to feel drawn to house and home, but this loyalty can be splintered when the mind is distracted by news reports that produce continual fear.

The goal is to live the way you teach, and bring more people out of the kingdom of darkness, into the kingdom of light {Colossians 1:13}. That is the best way to conquer. Get more people on your side. Then, there will be more of you and less of them.

A woman commented on this post: "Lydia, this is an excellent post, once again! Long ago, I made a decision to quit watching soap operas. My marriage expectations and thoughts are more real to God's word without those addictive shows. Then, a few years ago, I decided to stop watching the news. I knew if it were really important, I'd hear about it. Again, peace was the reward. This year, I have decided to 'unsubscribe' from about a dozen conservative political emails, as you have said here. So much less stress!

I agree with it all, Lydia. We have enough to do. To add a story, I remember hearing a woman tell of being trapped in enemy land when she was a child. Her father was in a dangerous position in that country. Sometimes, they had to go into hiding in dark small places, but her mother somehow managed to keep the home running smoothly and raise the children without a real knowledge of the dangers around them. I applaud that mother. What a great example that mother was to all of us."

There is so much wisdom here! We are called to not fret nor get into a panic over what is happening in the world. We are to be busy at home keeping our homes clean and tidy, loving our husbands deeply and raising godly offspring. This is how we fight the prince of the power of the air; not by worrying or stop doing what the Lord has called women to do.

I used to watch soap operas many years ago and felt completely unfulfilled and dissatisfied after watching them. I used to listen to the radio conservative talkers and felt discouraged afterwards. I read God's Word and am uplifted, convicted, challenged and encouraged. We are to fill our minds with the Word of God and our lives with what He wants us to do, not with all of the happenings in our world. We are much more effective wives and mothers when we do this; for this pleases the Lord!

When it comes to the Presidency, pray about it. Hand it over to the Lord since we have no ability to change it. Even our one little vote for a righteous man won't accomplish much, but God promises that our prayers will {James 5:16}.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
Philippians 4:6