Sunday, May 8, 2016

Receiving a Gift From Your Husband

Written by TheJoyFilledWife
The Lord put something on my heart to share with you, in hopes that you may also inspire other women around you.

As Mother's Day is today, I've loved asking other moms what their family has planned for this special day. Some of them don't know what surprises await, but most of them have discussed it with their husbands and children in advance. As they share with me the plans their family has, I am often caught off-guard by the negative responses I hear:

"Oh, they will probably give me something I don't need or that they already gave me a few years ago."

"My husband never seems to pick out anything I like so I always end up returning it. He's learned to just keep the receipt in the bag."

"They always buy me something THEY want me to wear, but not something I would ever pick out in a million years. Sometimes they take me somewhere or spend a lot of money on a gift and all I can think about is how many other things I actually want that I could have bought with that money."

The above examples are, sadly, ones I am hearing often from women everywhere I go. And when I ask the husbands and children on the other side what they have planned for this special day, most of the time they respond in defeat that they always try and give their wife or mom something special to show how much she is valued, but it is never good enough or she just ends up complaining about it or returning it. Many of them say that they wish that she would give them a glowing response and just used it on occasion, even if it's not exactly what they want, as a sign of appreciation for the thoughtfulness behind the gift.

Ladies, on this Mother's Day, I want to urge you to consider the people and the heart behind the gifts you may receive, rather than the worthiness of the gift itself. If you have a chance to give hints to your husband or children of something specific you'd like, that's great! But if the gift you are given, whether it's a physical gift or the gift of quality time together, is not exactly what you would have chosen, I encourage you to soak it up with a genuine smile and gratitude, knowing that the important part of this whole thing is not about WHAT we are given, but WHO God has given us. No gift can ever compare to that. :-)

Much love to you all on Mother's Day,

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men 
should do to you, do ye even so to them.
Matthew 7:12