Saturday, May 7, 2016

What Makes a Marriage

My parents didn't get along when I was growing up. They argued often. My dad was a doctor so he was gone a lot. He would leave early in the morning and come home after 6:00 every night. We didn't see him much while I was growing up. However, they stayed together even though they were complete opposites. He was an only child, was a loner, and rarely talked. My mom was one of seven, loved being around people, and talked a lot. When we went on our yearly summer vacation to Wisconsin to spend a month where all my mom's family lived, my dad rarely went. He preferred staying home and working.

My mom was the one to buy me Created to Be His Help Meet over ten years ago. She began to read my blog. My parents began to grow closer as she learned what submission looked like and that she was supposed to be submissive to my dad. They are both 85 years old now. Recently, we went out for one of my sister's birthday and we were each sharing what we loved about her. When it was my mom's turn, all she could talk about was how much she loved my dad! She can't stand the thought of being apart from him again. It's a precious thing to behold!

Many of you are in marriages that aren't that good. You feel like you're so completely different then your husband. You may not enjoy the same things. He goes to bed early and you go to bed late. He eats junk food and you're a health nut. He loves TV and you'd rather read. He loves sports but you're not too interested. Guess what, every couple is completely different because your husband is a male and you are a female. Part of becoming one has nothing to do with any of these things I just listed. It has to do with becoming one flesh.

You make a brand new family together now. He is the provider and protector and you are the nurturer and homemaker. You bear children if the Lord blesses you in this way and raise them to be godly offspring. Your family worships the Lord together and attends church. You take care of your husband's needs, while he takes care of earning the money to pay for the family's needs. As you grow in your roles of husband and wife, you bring glory to the Lord. This is what marriage is about. This is what the Word teaches. It says nothing about what you eat, watch, or the hobbies you do together. These have nothing to do with making or breaking a marriage. Being covenant keepers is what makes a marriage last for a lifetime.

Recently, my mom was sharing with me that when she was taking a shower Alyssa's dog, who my mom watches often, was standing by the shower wagging his tail and all excited. My dad replied, "I'm the same way when I watch your mom take a shower!" When we were out to breakfast a few weeks ago, she said, "I am going to miss Art when I go to Wisconsin this year. I don't want to leave him." They hold hands all the time. They have three daughters who are happily married and eight grandchildren who are all happily married. Stick it out, women, even if you aren't "happy." It will be so very worth it in the end; for you reap what you sow.

What therefore God hath joined together, 
let not man put asunder.
Mark 10:9

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!