Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Ring By Spring

"Mom, how did you do this? 
I know the sacrifices you've had to make to marry dad."

"What are you talking about?"

"New York Publishing. Your whole career."

"That is just a job I had after college."

"But it was so exciting, glamorous!"

"But it wasn't what I wanted, Cara. This and you and your dad is what I wanted. I didn't give up anything. I got it...I would have sacrificed anything to be with your dad and never for an instance considered it a sacrifice."

"I get that you would have done anything for dad but you guys are 
still crazy in love. What is the secret?"

"Well, for starters, we like each other. When I see your dad lying next to me or I hear him in here making breakfast, it makes me smile. It's another day and your dad is going to be a part of it and that makes me happy."

This is why I love Hallmark. Any channel that would have a conversation between a daughter and a mother like this is absolutely worth watching and my cup of tea!

Teach the young women to love their husbands.