Sunday, March 16, 2014

Regrets About Our Past

She doesn't regret having sex before marriage and getting pregnant.  She learned from it.  He doesn't regret having a promiscuous youth.  God taught him stuff from it.  She doesn't regret marrying someone everyone told her not to and it turned out to be a failed marriage.  Some even say they are happy about their past sins because of what God brought out of it.

Should we not regret sins we did in our past?  I sure regret spending 23 years in a difficult marriage due to my controlling and manipulative ways.  Sure, God taught me many things through it so I can teach all of you but I sure wish I did it right from the beginning.

I don't think it is wrong to have regrets about our past and to hate the sins we committed.   I think we should always regret past sin because of the scars it leaves.  We should learn from them and teach others not to make the same mistakes but we should never say that our past sins were okay since God brought good out of it.

Sin always has consequences.  Some people feel they need to sow their wild oats and get it out of their system.  No, teach young people God's ways and rescue them from the consequences of sin.  Teach young women how to love and obey their husbands to rescue them from miserable marriages.  Don't ever think sin is a good thing and something you are happy you went through to learn.

Sin is always a bad thing.  Yes, God forgives our past.  He makes us new creatures in Christ.  He has washed us clean.  We should never dwell on our pasts but don't tell people you don't regret your past and are happy with what you did.  We are commanded to hate what is evil which must include our past sins.  Tell them you hate your past sin, that you made some horrible choices, and you were wrong.  Use your past sins to teach others to not do them, to learn from you, and to walk in righteousness.

Love must be sincere. 
Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.
Romans 12:9