Friday, March 14, 2014

Find A Husband In College!

"Find a husband on campus before you graduate. When your daughter enters college, she'll never be as young, as beautiful, as attractive to men, and as fertile." These words were spoken by Susan Patton, author of Marry Smart. She says that work can wait, fertility can't. Susan made it very clear that her message was to those young women who wanted children and a husband, not to all women.

Savannah Guthrie was interviewing her on the Today Show and looked aghast the entire interview. "There are so many controversial things in this book. Did you write this book for the sole purpose of being provocative?" "No, never. I'm not a provocative person, I'm an honest person. I don't care about being politically correct but about speaking the truth authentically. I don't care about popular opinion," Susan calmly replied.

Just fifty years ago, women were getting married between the ages of 18 and 22, then having babies. I recently listened to a sermon given by John MacArthur and he admonished his congregation to "Get married! Have babies!" Have you ever heard a pastor preach that?

I haven't read Susan's book so I have no idea what all she has written but she has a lot of wisdom. However, she encourages women in high school to do whatever they need to do to be attractive including plastic surgery. I completely disagree with this. Yes, get as healthy as possible but work on developing a gentle and quiet spirit along with a solid relationship with Jesus during high school and college.

She tells women to not get drunk or stoned then blame it on the guys when they take advantage of them. "If you are too drunk to speak, then you may be incapable of saying no or warding off unwanted advances and then it's all on you." This is why you need to be very careful if you send your daughters off to college. Yes, they should not get drunk but even if they live godly lives, they may not be very safe in public universities physically, emotionally, academically, or mentally, or most importantly, spiritually.

I do believe it is best for women to get married young and have babies but no matter how much you want this to happen, there is no guarantee that the right man will come into your life while you are young. You want to wait for the right one in God's timing.

And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone;
I will make him a help meet for him.
Genesis 2:18