Thursday, March 27, 2014

My SAHM College Friends

When I was growing up, all I wanted to be was a wife and mother. After high school, I went to Westmont College which was $3500 per year which included everything so few people ended college in deep debt. Then I went to CSUN to get my teaching credential. I taught for three years before I was able to quit when I had my second baby.

I liked college, mostly for these friends I made. {This picture was taken at Ryan and Cassi's wedding. We all were in or went to each other's weddings. We attended each other's baby showers and now those babies' weddings!} I didn't like studying things I didn't enjoy, like many of the requirements, and I much preferred studying things I am interested in, like I do now.

All of my college friends ended up being stay at home moms. Now, that we are older, one caters out of her home, another one writes cookbooks out of her home, another one has done various jobs out of her home, mostly secretarial. Lately, one has been nursing her very ill mother 24/7.  Some are still raising children, babysitting grandbabies, showing hospitality to others, etc. They all love Jesus and have solid marriages after being married for many years.

Yes, most of us got college degrees but I think I am the only one who used my degree for a start of a career. My dad never wanted my mom to work, EVER, even after we were raised. He wanted her home caring for us and then helping us with our babies. He did, however, want all three of us to get degrees. Oh, the changes in one generation.

People did get married younger back in my dad's day and even in my day. I wonder if this big push for education {which costs SO much more today} and careers by women has caused marriage and babies to be put off. The time, the debt, many things come with women getting careers that complicate the making of a good, solid family life which is the foundation of any healthy society. 

Teach young women to be keepers at home.
Titus 2:5