Thursday, August 18, 2011

CNN Blames The Pearls

CNN and Anderson Cooper did a piece on the Pearls a few nights in a row.  They are investigating the death of a seven year old girl who was beaten to death by her parents.  They found the book To Train Up A Child in the couple's home, therefore, the Pearls' teachings on spanking must have caused the death of this girl, right?

To me, this would be similar to blaming a doctor who prescribed drugs to a patient and the patient overdosed on the drugs and died.  Is this the doctor's fault?

CNN interviews the Pearls and a lawyer, who is blaming the Pearls for the death of this girl.  CNN reported that the parents "pummeled their daughter for hours and caused horrific injuries all over her body."  The parents themselves admitted to "regularly beating their children."

The Pearls said that the spankings they gave their children "never left a mark."  They said that there is a difference between hitting and spanking.  A hand is used to hit someone and a little switch is used for spanking with the intent of getting the child's attention.

Michael Pearl then proceeded to get a little switch like the one he used on his children and swat the anchor man's leg to show exactly what "spanking" looked and felt like.  The man said that it hurt a little but it left no marks...

The Pearls love children.  They have five grown healthy, joyful, and happily married children.  We were with them for a week.  They live what they preach.  They even write books about child sexual abuse to help save children, Samuel Learns To Yell and Tell and Sara Sue Learns To Yell and Tell.  These are GREAT resources to help protect your children from sexual predators, which is becoming rampant!

So to say that the Pearls caused this atrocity is irresponsible.  To be fair, I think CNN did a fairly good job of questioning the Pearls' influence in this horrible behavior.  However, I have read some blogs the last few days who despise the Pearls and their work and would love to see them punished.

The Pearls have also gotten a lot of criticism about Debi's book Created To Be His Help Meet.  I wrote my defense of the book here ~ Created To Be His Help Meet.

Thankfully, God is their defender.  He will take care of them...

Here are the links to the program if you are interested ~
Part Two

You may not agree with everything the Pearls teach, but they are not evil people as some are accusing them.  The sole responsibility for the death of that child, lays squarely on the shoulders of those parents...Not the Pearls.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth
3 John 1:4