Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Baby NEEDS to be Put in a Corner!

Ken loves to stand up during worship at church while we're singing. I prefer to sit down since my lower back and feet hurt if I stand too long. On Sunday, he stood and I stood up beside him and asked him if he prefers I stand with him. He smiled and said, "Yes." I then whispered why I don't like to stand long. Later, we talked about it  and he told me that I was welcome to sit down after a minute or two if I start to hurt at all, but he does like me standing beside him. So I decided I will stand now whenever he stands. My desire is to be a submissive wife and even if I'm not perfect yet, I am a lot better than I use to be!

Another woman, Glennon Doyle, who has a blog with many readers yesterday wrote the following. She was at church and her pastor just finished a great sermon ~

"After he finished, I stood up in my pew and clapped and cheered and WOOT WOOTED and pumped my fists and well, my church is not that kind of church. And so Craig (her husband) said, 'SIT DOWN HONEY. HONEY, sit down.' So then I stayed standing even longer than I WOULD have because Craig is not the boss of me and nobody puts baby in a corner and submitting to your spouse is not really something we focus on much in the UCC."

This is how she ended her post, "ALL MANNER OF CHEERING AND WOOT WOOTING AND FIST PUMPING AND ALL THE THINGS!!! Honey, sit down. I will not."

Simply put, she is in sin. She is in rebellion to her husband's leadership by completely disrespecting him and is very proud about it, even bragging to the world. I can picture her pumping her fists at God in defiance, even as she cheers her pastor's sermon. After all, God did write the rules on life and godliness. I feel sorry for her husband. Imagine how many friends and family watched her husband beckon her to sit down, yet she defiantly stood, perhaps with a glare at him or pulling her arm out of his hand; a terrible witness to all the young ladies who may have seen her display of willful disobedience and disrespect. Pride got the best of her. Disobeying her husband makes him look weak as if he was asking something completely unreasonable of her, even as she was probably embarrassing herself and her church.

A woman who wants to be a godly, submissive wife 
would have handled it this way ~

"After he finished, I stood up in my pew and clapped and cheered and WOOT WOOTED and pumped my fists and well, my church is not that kind of church. And so Craig said, 'SIT DOWN HONEY. HONEY, sit down.' I immediately sat down and told my husband I was sorry for acting in a way that may be embarrassing to him. Then I asked for his forgiveness when we arrived home and he said, 'That's okay. I know you were very excited, but I appreciate you sitting down immediately and honoring my request.'"

Submission is NOT weakness. It is only a strong woman who decides to submit to her husband and respect the leadership position that the Lord has given him. Also, if your church doesn't teach submission, it doesn't mean you don't need to submit or not respect your husband. Your obedience needs to come out of your desire to please the Lord, not your church and what they do or don't teach. Remember, you need to be in the Word daily so you understand clearly what the Lord expects of you, not waiting for your pastor to get it right. After all, most pastors seem embarrassed and apologetic that God would even ask a wife to be submissive, though it is repeated multiple times in His Word.

You can put this baby in the corner any time, because this is where God wants me. Christian women, please know that the safest place for you to be is in God's corner. This is where God has called you to be standing and clapping for God's Word, no matter how much others mock you or try to tell you that you are wrong. God is ALWAYS right! He knows what He's doing. After all, He is is our Creator and has given us the written Word on how marriage and family life works with love, respect and submission from a receptive heart.

But I would have you know, 
that the head of every man is Christ; 
and the head of the woman is the man; 
and the head of Christ is God.
I Corinthians 11:3