Sunday, December 21, 2014

Can People See Peace By Looking at You?

AA meets six days a week at a restaurant in town. A friend of mine goes there three or four mornings a week to have coffee and read her Bible. She sits in a room next to where the AA people are meeting with just a glass separating them.

One day she came in to give her order and a petite lady was there shaking and crying. My friend asked her what the problem was and she just said that she was so afraid. My friend grabbed the lady in a big bear hug and began praying aloud for her.  The lady thanked her and left much calmer.

The next week as my friend was drinking her coffee and reading her Bible, she heard a screech and felt arms wrap around her neck from behind. It was the petite lady. She went on to tell her how happy she was to find her again and asked her what gave her so much peace. My friend began sharing Jesus with her and this lady accepted Jesus and has been coming to our church for awhile now.

Another man came out of AA and walked right over to my friend and asked her what gave her so much peace. He told her he could tell she had peace by the way she looked! My friend shared Jesus with him and he continues to ask questions.

She told me it is amazing how God has used her at this restaurant. Four people from AA have come to know the Lord because of her quiet time she spends there and the peace they see in her. They learn that there is a higher power in AA and then she carefully explains Who that Higher Power is that they are learning about.

Do you have a peace about you? In your home, with your family and friends, do you have peace? I read a little bit of Matthew Henry's book A Discourse on Meekness and Quietness of Spirit every day. I need it. A meek and quiet spirit does not come naturally. I try to post a comment of his often on my Facebook Always Learning page because I know we all need to be reminded what meekness looks and acts like. It is so contrary to our nature but so needed. This was his quote from the other day, "It is better to say nothing than to say that which is provoking. When our hearts are hot within us, it is good for us to keep silent and hold our peace." Don't we ALL need to be reminded about this?

My friend has a meek and quiet spirit and it draws many people to her. She holds meetings several times a year and women come to Jesus from listening to her simple but solid faith in Jesus. She spends daily time in the Word and gives herself to be used by the Lord. He uses her in a mighty way!

Do you want people to look at you and want what you have? Do you want peace? Go to the Author and Finisher of your faith, Jesus Christ. He came to set the prisoner free. He came to give life, abundant and free. Spend time at His feet. Get to know Him. It will be the best investment of your time you will ever make.

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, 
shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7