Friday, December 5, 2014

She Wants Her Husband to Remarry

These two books are on my coffee table. Every time I want to complain I look at Kara Tippett's book. She is a young mother with four children, an amazing husband, and she is dying of cancer. She is a great writer and her passion for Jesus is evident to all. She is in constant, horrendous pain but tries to enjoy every moment the Lord has given her.

She told her husband that when she dies, she wants him to remarry since he does "husband" so good. When she first thought of dying, she didn't want him to remarry but then she realized it was selfish of her to feel this way. She prays for his future wife and encourages him to find a good one. {Could you do this?} She mourns not being able to help her daughters pick out their wedding dresses someday and being able to see her son's face when his future wife walks down the aisle. 

All of us will one day die. The Bible states,"Since his days are determined, The number of his months is with You; And his limits You have set so that he cannot pass" {Job 14:5-7}. There is a time to live and a time to die. Kara's time is probably not too far away. Many of us have no idea when our time will come but it will come. However, we are commanded to not complain about anything but to give thanks instead. If Kara can give thanks in spite of her pain and knowing she will die soon leaving four young children behind, so can we.

Erin Harrison lives with chronic daily pain also yet she manages to keep a clean and tidy home, plus she is homeschooling her five children. She freely ministers to anyone the Lord puts into her path. Erin also inspires and encourages me to keep on going when the going gets tough. If she can keep her home clean and tidy in the midst of pain and homeschooling five children, so can I! I love what Nancy Leigh DeMoss says about the value of order in a home ~

The heart of domesticity is a devotion to home life. It's a heart for the home. When we are being domestic, when we are having a heart for our homes, for our environment, when we're concerned about preparing and making available food and clothing for our family members, when we're concerned about making our home look attractive and keeping it from being a place of chaos, but rather making it a place of order, we're really reflecting the heart of the Lord Jesus. Home should be a haven from the chaos of the world.

Erin is diligent about keeping an orderly home. I just spent a long time on the telephone with her yesterday and her greatest desire is to serve and minister to her husband and her children. She loves gardening with her children, cleaning house with them, singing and playing instruments together, fixing them healthy, nutritious food and teaching them all about God and His glory. Just seeing Erin's book {She has a 50% off sale going on today until midnight!} reminds me to be content at home, keep my home clean and be thankful for the life the Lord has given me. She encourages me to live a life of ministry and not for myself and to live virtuously in the midst of a dark and decaying world.

Both of these women are godly women who want to live lives pleasing to the Lord. I love to learn and be inspired by women like them. Order their books and support them and their families if you have the means. It will be money well spent!

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, 
just as you also are doing.
I Thessalonians 5:11