Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Can Guilt Be Telling You Something?

Whenever I hear women on television being interviewed about working and raising children, they admit that they feel guilty for leaving their children. I have never heard a women who works outside of the home say that she feels no guilt when she leaves her home and her children.

Why do you think this is so? Could it that she isn't suppose to leave her children in the care of anyone else besides her? Could it be that she is the one best suited to be at home with her children full-time and raising them? Could it be her guilty conscience is telling her truth and not lying to her?

They fight it anyways. They make up all kinds of excuses why it is good to have a job outside of the home. "My children want to see me happy." "I need to further my career and make my mark on the world." "I have these gifts and talents and must use them elsewhere. Besides, I would get so bored being at home all day."

They fail to realize that the biggest mark they can make on society is to raise children who are obedient and hard-working who are good, law abiding citizens. They fail to realize how much their children need and want them. They fail to realize that time is short and those little people grow up very quickly. This world needs godly mothers raising godly offspring way more than they need more women doctors, lawyers, etc.

However, since most of them aren't believers and don't care about adorning the Gospel or whether or not they blaspheme God's Word, they can do what they want. Women who love Jesus and desire to walk in obedience to Him, who want to adorn the Gospel and not blaspheme God's Word, should desire to be keepers at home raising their children. They need to understand the significance of what they are doing; molding little lives for the Kingdom of God. They know no one else knows their children like they do or loves them as much. They know that no one can take their place so they must stay home and raise their children, teaching and training them, and disciplining them for the purpose of godliness.

I understand that many husbands want their wives to work. Up until the last generation, husbands didn't want their wives to work outside of the home. They knew they were to be the providers of the home, not their wives. My dad never wanted my mom to do this since he wanted her at home with us. If your husband wants you to work outside the home, explain to him why you should be at home and then do the best that you can in God's strength but continue in prayers and supplications to the Lord that your husband's mind will be changed.

Your ministry at home is one of immense importance, Mothers. Never underestimate what you are doing. Those little lives depend upon you and so does the spread of the Gospel. You are doing a good work. Rejoice and be glad!

The aged women likewise...teach the young women to be
...keepers at home...that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 3:3-5
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