Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Can You Lose Weight Without Accountability?

Remember when I wrote about the husband who made his wife weigh once a week and many women thought this was absolutely horrible? Well, a good friend of mine who has struggled with her weight since she was in junior high, has finally been able to lose all the weight she wanted and maintain it for the past three years. She looks amazing! How was she able to do this? She went to Weight Watchers once a week and the accountability was what helped her lose her weight and keep it off!

She told me it really isn't a diet but a way of life. She doesn't ever eat Weight Watchers packaged foods but mostly vegetables and proteins. For breakfast, she eats eggs and whole grains. For lunch and dinner, she eats a lot of vegetables {mostly very large salads} with some type of protein and yummy salad dressings with healthy fats. She'll have a piece of fruit once in awhile and munch on vegetables in between meals. She rarely eats sugar or baked goods anymore. She knows that if she eats a little sugar, she'll eat too much. {Sugar is very addictive and unhealthy. They have found it is the cause of most diseases.} Once a month, she goes out for a frozen yogurt since this is her favorite treat. She also takes long walks most days or does some type of exercise.

I am sure most women would think this was fabulous and say, "I'm going to begin going to Weight Watchers!" So Weight Watchers is fine and dandy for accountability but, heaven forbid, if a husband decides to keep his wife accountable concerning her weight? Why is this the case?

Yes, it is a wife's choice to go to Weight Watchers and be kept accountable. It may not be her choice when her husband wants to keep her accountable concerning her weight, however. Therefore, it must be wrong since she may not like her husband telling her what to do?

You see, this is the bottom line. We simply don't like being told what to do EVEN if it is for our own good. We are one flesh with our husbands. If we are struggling in an any area of our life, our husband has every right as God's designated head over us to do what he can in his power to keep us healthy.

Many women either wrote me or commented on the two posts concerning this topic wishing that their husbands had kept them accountable before they gained a ton of weight. All of those losing weight types of shows, they're all about accountability. Accountability is good! We are never called to be an island by ourselves. The Bible commands that we confess our sins to one another and pray for each other for a reason. This helps hold us accountable.

Therefore, if you battle weight, don't be afraid to be held accountable by your husband or by Weight Watchers. Without accountability in any area that we struggle, we may end up struggling all of our lives, but if we humble ourselves and ask for help and prayer, we have a VERY good chance of overcoming our struggles, whatever they may be!

Therefore, confess your sins to one another, 
and pray for one another so that you may be healed. 
The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.
James 5:16