Sunday, July 14, 2013

When Nobody Is Looking

My condiments needed a basket to go in.  I went to a store to find one.  I first found a plastic one but then saw the one above.  I knew it was perfect!  Instead of taking the plastic back to where it belonged, I just stuck it near where I found this one.  Then I thought, "What if someone was watching me?  Was I acting with integrity at this moment?"

I walked the basket back to where it belonged and put it back.  Why should someone else clean my mess?  I have even tried to do this when trying on clothes.  I hang up and fold everything so it will be neat.  I have even been careful to put back the shopping cart where it belongs.

I decided I want to try and be pleasing in all I do, not just when people are looking.  We need to strive for excellence in every area of our life.  We should be known for our honesty and integrity.

The righteous who walks in his integrity—
blessed are his children after him!
Even a child makes himself known by his acts,
by whether his conduct is pure and upright.
Proverbs 20:7,11

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