Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Modern Courtship???

A young woman on Katie said that sending nude pictures of oneself to your boyfriend is simply modern courtship these days, so completely opposite of what we think of when we picture courtship to be like in the picture above.  The show was about revenge porn and how old boyfriends are circulating nude pictures of their girlfriends all around the Internet.

It is hard to imagine how little regard for morality, modesty, and decency young adults have today.  They think there is freedom in this type of lifestyle?  Now their nude pictures are being sent to their bosses, parents, and friends.

Our society continues to sink lower and lower into the cesspool of immorality and it is paying a huge cost.  You must do everything you can to protect your children from the garbage and filth that is going on around them.

I don't think I could ever send my children to public school now.  The children in their classes have, undoubtedly, been exposed to things you want to protect your children from ever hearing or seeing at tender, vulnerable ages.

Teach your young daughters modesty and purity early.  Teach your sons self-control and the pain of pornography.  Train them up knowing God's Word.  Have it deeply hidden in their hearts.  

How can a young man keep his way pure?  
By keeping it according to Thy word. 
Psalms 119:9 

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, 
that I might not sin against thee. 
Psalm 119:11

There you have it, straight from the Word.  It is imperative that your children know God's Word and know it well.  Read it to them often.  Have them memorize verses weekly.  Let them listen to good bible sermons from the time they are young.  Have praise and worship music in your home.

Read Michael Pearl's writings on pornography HERE.  Take guarding your children's purity and integrity seriously.  Pay close attention what they watch, what they listen to, and who their friends are or Satan will take them over.

Please parents, don't let your daughters send naked pictures of themselves to their boyfriends.  Teach them who they are in Christ.  They are loved by an almighty God who has a wonderful plan for their lives.  Show them how special and priceless they are to you.  Fight this battle with the Word of God and continue this mighty remnant of God's chosen people.