Saturday, July 13, 2013

Are Midwives Safer Than Doctors?

During pregnancy, women in Britain are taken care of my midwives.  They greatly encourage natural childbirth.  They believe the less intervention, the healthier it is for mother and baby.  They only like to give Pitocin, epidurals, C-sections, etc. if they are medically necessary for the health of the mother or the baby. I heard this on the news while they were discussing the birth of Princess Kate.

Britain's National Institute for Health and Excellence has found, "It is safer for healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies to give birth under the supervision of midwives than in a hospital maternity wards run by doctors. The reason: doctors are much more likely than midwives to use interventions like forceps deliveries, spinal anesthesia and cesarean sections ~ procedures that carry risk of infection and surgical accidents."

Contrast that to America. Most doctors encourage epidurals. Some women schedule C-sections so having a baby won't interfere too much with their lives. Pitocin is routinely given, etc.  The rate of C-sections is three times higher in America than in Britain percentage wise.

I had my first two babies completely natural and the last two I had an epidural. I recovered much quicker from the first two than the last two.  With any medical procedure, you are taking a risk. Look carefullly at the side effects and warnings for Pitocin, epidurals, and C-sections.

Yes, it hurts. It hurts a lot but the less medical intervention you need, the better.  God designs women's bodies to give birth. Most women can give birth without medical intervention. However, I praise God for medical intervention when needed. It has saved many lives.

When you are preparing for childbirth, you must train yourself to keep your mind focused on the Lord and His strength.  Memorize Bible verses to give you comfort and encouragement.  Billions of women have given birth before and have survived. You can do it also!

Allowing your body to do what it was meant to do without drugs or surgery should always be your first line of action, whether it is having a baby or healing from sickness or disease.

Do not be anxious about anything, 
but in everything, by prayer and petition, 
with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 
Philippians 4:6