Tuesday, April 7, 2015

His Life Will Be SO Much Better With You Home!

Too many husbands don't realize the benefit to having a wife that stays at home. They don't have to worry when a child is sick; who will stay home? They shouldn't have to worry about cooking and cleaning. They should be able to come home to a relatively clean home, maybe not tidy, but clean with dinner cooking. Their clothes are washed. Their bed made. They have a help meet, hopefully, who enjoys satisfying them sexually also.

There are women who decide they want to come home. They are convicted about being home full-time to raise and nurture their children. They want to have time to cook and clean and become organized. They don't want mornings and evenings to be rush hours trying to get everything done. They are exhausted and don't feel like they can do it any longer. 

Their husbands don't want them to come home. They like the paycheck that their wife brings in. They don't realize the price they are ultimately going to have to pay for that paycheck and how much better life can be if their wife comes home.

Therefore, if you desire more than anything to come home, begin gently explaining how much better HIS life will become if you are home full-time. Tell him ALL the benefits for him, for your children, and for your home. Tell him you want to take better care of him by fixing him better food, keeping the home cleaner, and being more available to him sexually.

After you have done this, begin to pray that the Lord would convict and change your husband's mind. Every day give it to the Lord but don't nag your husband about it. Do the best you can do and then you must leave it in the Lord's hands by being content in the meantime.

You see, the problem is most men, even Christian men, have fallen for the feminist's lies also. They think it is a good thing that women are able to have careers and make money. They don't think about the cost to their children's lives, their wife's health, and their marriage.  They don't understand that the greatest contribution a mother can make to God's eternal kingdom is to raise godly offspring. I sure wish the church would be bold enough to teach it. It is all very sad.

Someone else can always replace you in your career, your organization, or even extra church activities, but no one can adequately replace you as the mother of the children God has given you. You were born for this mission. It is your destiny. And it is your heritage. {Nancy Campbell}

Her children arise up, and call her blessed; 
her husband also, and he praises her.
Proverbs 31:28