Sunday, April 12, 2015

American Christianity on the Broad Path?

This woman knows suffering. She has a difficult marriage and learning disabled children. We were recently having a conversation and she wrote this to me, "It is amazing that following Jesus does not look anything like what I learned in church as a child, or even in most churches as an adult.  I think this is one reason I'm having such a hard time finding a bible believing church to help me {us}. It IS a narrow way - the Word says it is - but American Christianity has largely defined it as a very broad pathway to happiness and blessings on this earth.  It is confusing to come out of that mentality.  It is hard to find a church full of people who have read the bible.”

I agreed. It is VERY hard to find a church that isn’t afraid to teach the whole Bible, even those parts that are politically incorrect like being a keeper at home, being submissive to our husbands, and even staying married in a difficult marriage. Our society is taught to flee suffering at ALL costs like this woman who had a beautiful home, a big nice truck, four beautiful children, and a husband that worked too hard so she wasn’t happy. She divorced him.

How about the feminist movement? Their teachings have destroyed millions of babies' lives, millions of children’s lives through divorce and single parenting, took control of their womb by using birth control, and left their homes by the millions to get careers and find “happiness."

The church fails to teach I Peter 2 which speaks about Christ’s sufferings and then begins I Peter 3 with “Likewise…” Likewise women, some of you are going to have to suffer under disobedient husbands but you begin winning them without a word by your godly, chaste behavior. However, even many Christians believe that if you are unhappy at all in your marriage, you need to leave your husband.  One woman was told by a “Christian” woman, "My God does not want me to live a life of misery." 

Too many don’t like to quote Scripture anymore like, “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials for the testing of your faith produces endurance…” No, they like to make people believe that we are never to live in pain or suffering, just happiness and filled with good things for us.

The path we are called to take is a narrow one. It calls us to be like Christ, a light to a dark and decaying world. It commands we speak the Truth in love, even if it offends. Better to be considered a Puritan, rather than a hypocrite. How can the world ever see Jesus if they don’t see us persevering through trials with patience and joy? They won’t see Jesus in us if our lives are a bed of flowers. Everyone is happy when life is great.

I encourage you to find a strong Bible believing church. If you can’t find preachers that teach all of the Truth boldly, at least listen to sermons or read books {especially the Bible} so you will know the Truth and will be able to match up everything that is taught with God’s Word.

Yes, this woman suffers but she is commanded by God not to leave her husband for as she lives with her husband, she is sanctifying him. He is seeing Jesus. He needs Jesus. She is the only Jesus he may ever see. She is being a living sacrifice. She cares more about her husband's soul than her happiness. Is it easy? NO, it is very hard. She needs to be encouraged daily but with God’s strength flowing powerfully through her, she can do it. For with God ALL things are possible.

Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; 
that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word 
be won by the conversation of the wives.
I Peter 3:1