Saturday, January 2, 2016

Are Women More Lonely Today?

Since our generation is so technologically oriented and move so often, are women more lonely today than past generations? DeLyssa, from the chat room, doesn't believe they are and she expressed why.

"If you read stories about people who settled the mid-west and the west {the pioneers}, there were no other woman around. My great, great grandparents came across on a wagon train and settled in Oregon. They were the only family around for miles. Usually, it was just the men who visited with other people because they would on occasion hop on a horse and go see how the neighbors were doing or ride into town.

The woman were making the homestead: cooking, gardening, washing clothes by hand, birthing babies {usually by themselves}. They were preserving food for the winter since there were no grocery stores. Once a year, there would be a big get together at a homestead and everyone got to see everyone and chat.

My Grandmother married the son of this family {they settle in the summer at Lake Oregon}. She grew up in Salem, Oregon and moved over 500 miles away from family. At that time, it was with a horse and buggy and you didn't travel back to visit family very often. There was a church in the area that sent a priest out for the holiday season. This was in the 1930s. She worked as a school teacher and raised four girls; she did garden and can, but they did travel over 100 miles to get groceries. I'm not sure how often they went. 

Woman had a different mentality back then; one of surviving and taking care of their family. Women were more productive compared to today. They had little time to sit around and get lonely. Today's women do very little: cleaning a house, nursing a baby, and cooking supper. It isn't a lot compared to what most women in all past generations had to do. Also, many women are not close to their mothers anymore, so they are seeking that friendship from another woman. They are trying to fill that void; the friendship they should be getting from their mother. This isn't necessarily bad, but I do know a lot of women who 'friend' another woman who is not wise and gives foolish and harmful advice. There is no discernment; no mother is there teaching, protecting, and teaching her daughters to have discernment, know who to trust, etc. It is very important in not just friendships, but choosing a marriage partner, spending money, etc.

Then there is Eve. She was probably not struggling with loneliness either when she ate of the apple. I think that she wanted to be smart; she wanted to lead, to dominate and to be recognized for something."

Many women are simply not content doing what the Lord has commanded for them to do. They have been lied to by the enemy of their souls and followed him willingly into things that have not been beneficial for them, their family, or their marriage. If you are "lonely" at home, read these words from Nancy Campbell and be encouraged.

“Unless we have been successfully indoctrinated by humanist and feminist dogma, it is inherent within us to love being at home. God created the first home, the Garden of Eden, to be ready for Eve when He created her. He placed her in her home, in the environment He intended for her destiny. The Hebrew for Eden means ‘delight.’ We should delight to work in our garden and our home. It is our sanctuary to raise our children in this dark world.

Take joy in delighting in your home today. Delight in nurturing your children. Delight in spoiling your husband. Delight in making your home a delightful place to live—for your husband, your children, yourself, and everyone who comes in your doors!"

 She looks well to the ways of her household, 
And does not eat the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27