Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dangers of a Sedentary Life

God created Adam in a garden and wanted him to work hard in the garden. He created us to work and have physical movement. Up until technology took off, most people worked hard. Men worked hard on the farm, building things, etc. and women worked hard in the homes since they didn't have washing machines, dryers, etc. Back then, people didn't need to go to the gyms or go running since their lifestyle was one of hard, physical work. 

Now, we sit all day; at our computers, at our desks, on our couches, etc. Many of you probably don't sit all day, especially if you have small children but many more sit now than ever before. Homemakers can easily get bored at home since there isn't nearly as much to keep her busy at home as there used to be. Many men sit behind desks all day and rarely move. Way too many in our country are obese because of our sedentary lifestyle.

As many of you know, I have had a lot of health problems so I have been sitting a lot. My children are all grown and gone so there isn't much housework to do. I found that my knees began to ache, then my legs began to ache and now even my arms. I knew about Trigger Point Therapy and was doing this around my knee. Then a man told me that I should try sitting on a tennis ball on a hard chair to get all the trigger points in my hamstrings. This did the trick! My knees and legs finally didn't ache all night.

My arms were hurting from typing so much so I began giving trigger point massage to all of my muscles around my elbows and within a few days the pain was gone. Years ago, when I had a frozen shoulder, it is what cured me. Lately, I've been having pain on the top of my head. When ever I have headaches, I think brain tumor. However, I was looking in my Trigger Point Therapy Workbook for what may be causing pain on the top of the head and it was two points at the top of my neck. I used my Knobble on it and the headache was gone after suffering weeks with a headache! I have used this book for years to get rid of all muscular pain and tendinitis. It also works on carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, achy joints, bad hips, backaches, foot pain {which is almost always referred pain from lower leg muscles as knee pain is almost always from thigh or hamstring muscles}, and all types of pain. Sometimes it's not where the pain is but from somewhere else that is sending off referred pain. This book will help you figure out where the pain begins so you can trigger point that area. If it doesn't help at all after a few sessions, you are probably massaging the wrong trigger points. I have used this book for years and love it. Many trigger points come from a sedentary lifestyle!

Studies have proven that sitting all day is harmful to your health. Now, I try to stand up a lot more. I'm getting a lot more housework done and even am standing and swaying back and forth while I type this post! Is your home a mess? Are you overweight? Do you ache places over your body? Buy the Trigger Point book and knobble to work out your trigger points and get to work cleaning your house and moving. The theracane is great for trigger points in your shoulder and back.

Many women are getting healthy and in shape by following Trim Healthy Mama or Weight Watchers. Sedentary lifestyles are bad for us in many, many ways. Those who have lived long, healthy lives remained active for as long as possible. Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit so do what is in your power to keep it healthy so you can continue ministering for Him whether in be in your home or somewhere else.

A hard worker has plenty of food, 
but a person who chases fantasies has no sense.
Proverbs 12:11