Friday, January 8, 2016

Be Willing and Available

Many women have no idea about men’s sexual nature. I grew up being taught men were sexual perverts since they want sex so often. Then I heard how often they think about sex and I was shocked. Thankfully, before I was married, someone taught me about a man’s sex drive, how powerful it was for them and it was given to them by the Lord. They have ten times the testosterone that women have, thus they enjoy it very much. Unfortunately, sex unrestrained destroys cultures and you can see it happening in today’s culture. Sex is used to sell everything, even hamburgers. Women dress immodestly and are almost naked on the beaches. Our culture is so wicked and perverted that we must do all we can to help our husbands in this area.

 I shared the following quote by Michael Pearl on my Facebook page the other day. One woman said she was initially “appalled” when she read it so she read it to her husband who laughed and gave a hearty Amen! I read it to Ken and he laughed and told me I needed to write a post about it since most women have no idea what a man truly needs sexually.

 Any man by nature is going to have a difficult time being put in proximity to the opposite sex yet denied regular satisfaction. But the believer has an enemy, Satan, who is prepared to tempt us at our most vulnerable point, and when a wife defrauds her husband regular satisfaction, he is prime for sexual temptation.

 Dear Lady, if you think your husband can just pray and do without, you must think you are married to Christ or the Apostle Paul. Has your husband proven to be the most disciplined and self-denying man you have ever met? Does he strike you as the martyr type? No? Well, has he been castrated? No again? So now you expect him to exercise the most extreme form of human self-denial? If not, then stop defrauding your husband and start pumping him dry about every other day or so. If he is younger than 25, make that every day and twice on Sunday. When he begs for mercy or claims to have a headache, you will know he has met his quota. The key is to be willing and available.

 If you do not cheerfully, joyously make yourself available as a willing participant, you are a tool of Satan to bring your husband down. {Divorce and Remarriage}

Yes, there are women who have a lot of small children. Put them into bed early. Some have gone through menopause. Find a good lubrication. Others have ill health; as soon as you feel half decent, make your husband happy. I've been through all of these and yes, it's not always easy but it's very important and necessary in a marriage or God wouldn't have commanded it. It's part of being one flesh and having intimacy with the most special person in the world to you. It's the only woman your husband gets to have sex with. God commands that we do not defraud each other for a reason. He commanded us to marry rather than burn. A spouse is to satisfy the other. Be willing and available, women. This is a huge part of loving your husband as I am commanded to teach you.

Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.
1 Corinthians 7:5

***If you have a higher sex drive than your husband, read this post by thejoyfilledwife.