Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Hellish Cycle of Homemaking

Celine Dion was almost aborted by her mother. "My mother had already brought up 13 children. For more than 20 years, she'd been locked into a hellish cycle of washing, ironing and housework, 365 days a year. She thought, rightly, that she'd done her duty. The two little ones, twins Paul and Pauline, were about to go to school and at last she'd have some time to herself. At last she'd be able to go out, perhaps go travelling with my father and revisit the area where they were both brought up. Then suddenly she was pregnant again. She was so shattered she went to see the parish priest to see if she could do something about it. Once she got over her disappointment that an abortion was out of the question,” added Dion, “she loved me as passionately as she'd loved the last little ones."

Women today view homemaking as "hellish." It's drudgery that just needs to be done. We have become a nation of ungrateful, complaining people. While we are washing all of our dishes, we are not thankful that we have so many dishes to wash, hot water that comes out of our faucet, and soap that makes them clean. Many even have a dishwasher that we just stack our dishes in and it does the washing. Women complain about the laundry, not realizing how easy we have it today compared to all the generations before us and not being thankful for the abundance of clothes we are blessed to own. We have washing machines and dryers that do all the work for us so we don't have to use physical labor as they did in the past to accomplish this task. If women today think that these chores are hellish, imagine what they would have thought if they had been born a hundred years ago without all of the modern conveniences we have today.

Women in most past generations had to pump water from a well, heat it up on the stove and then scrub their clothes clean. They didn't know anything else so they may have been more content than women are today. They were so busy with the job of running a home and raising children that they didn't have time to be lazy or bored as easily. They also didn't have all the distractions we have like the smart phones, internet, etc. or even cars to keep them away from home for hours at a time. Their time was spent at home as keepers of their homes. They didn't know anything different but even so God still commanded women to be keepers at home and that godliness with contentment is great gain, therefore, women have probably always struggled with being content doing what God has called them to do.

The other thing that stands out to me in Celine Dion's statement is that her mother was so weary from housekeeping and child raising that she wanted to abort Celine so she could have time to herself and travel. Celine grew up to be one of the most amazing singers in our country. Once she had Celine, she loved her passionately even though she was her 14th child. Thankfully, her priest told her abortion was not an option. Just think how many children are being denied life because of abortion and it all comes down to women's selfishness. Instead of her mother being able to have some time to herself and being able to travel, she was able to hold another precious baby in her arms; nothing in life compares to being able to do this. 

Some think they won't love a second, third or fourteenth child enough; as if there was a limit on how much we can love. Others tire of homemaking and raising children but I can tell you that there is no greater joy on this earth than to have children walking in Truth! I saw a poster recently that said something like, "Don't mind the noise, the house that isn't spotless and the little fingerprints on the windows because one day soon enough the home will be quiet and spotless when they are all grown up and gone." I can completely relate. They grow up so fast! Treasure these years of having children in your home. They are the best years!

We are called to something different than most in the world. We are called to love and value life. We are called to love children enough to bear them and nurture them. We are called to be keepers at home and be thankful. Rejoice in your God ordained role of being a help meet, bearing children and being a keeper at home. Thank the Lord for your husband who works hard, the home you live in, for the food you eat, and for the clothes you wear; for all the Lord has blessed you with. We have light, heat and air-conditioning by turning a switch on. We get food by going to grocery stores filled with food. We get into a car, put a key into the ignition and drive wherever we want. We have way more than we need. However, the greatest thing we have is Jesus as our Savior! God's wrath will no longer be poured upon us, but instead we will live eternally with Him. Talk to your children about Him daily!

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, 
as to the Lord, and not unto men.
Colossians 3:23