Saturday, January 23, 2016

Too Many People are Dying of Cancer

Several women and men I know are dying or have died from cancer recently. It's tragic! Mike Huckabee said in the third GOP debate that if this country could get rid of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease our health care costs would plummet. I'm not sure what he was thinking was a solution but there is no vaccine or drug that is going to automatically cure all three of these diseases. 

These diseases are caused by our lifestyles: what we eat, what we drink, the air we breath, the chemicals consumed including drugs and the overall toxicity of life today in America. Most cancers are in the body ten years before being diagnosed. There's not one simple answer for its cure but all I know is we've gotten very far away from the way God created us to live: the food He created, the clean air and water He created and the peace He created.

Yes, I believe we should do everything we can to prevent cancer: eat healthy and organic food, use non-toxic cleansers, live as stress free as possible, get plenty of sleep and exercise, etc. but even if you do all of those things, you can't control the quality of air, water, etc. that goes into your body. Therefore, we do the best we can do and leave the rest in the Lord's hands but there is not an easy fix to these diseases that some drug will cure.

Instead of spending millions of dollars searching for a cure with a drug, we should be researching how to clean up our environment of the toxic chemicals, learn to live with much fewer drugs and eat food the way God intended for us to eat it; not cooked to death and loaded with a bunch of chemicals and artificial ingredients that have been proven to cause cancer.

I have a good friend on a quest to create cookbooks with recipes that are healthy and filled with only ingredients that are good for our bodies. If you need help cooking healthy food for your family, which all wives and mothers should be pursuing, this is a great book to begin on your journey to health. {Tracy is a college friend of mine. She is a perfectionist and spends hours perfecting each recipe!}

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Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, 
or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31