Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How Do Women Change the World?

Today, young women are told in order to change the world, they must get as much education as they can so they can get the best career possible. With this career, they can change the world! How? How can a career change the world? One working mother wrote this comment on her post, "My family is first, or else I wouldn't be working. I work to contribute to my family, and to be a better mom. At work, I learn leadership skills and one day my daughter will model that. I don't want her to go to school for years just to stay at home and do nothing with her education. What a waste! I want her to feel like she can change the world."

This same sentiment has slowly infiltrated the church, unfortunately. I can see how women who are not believers would think this way but it is tragic that Christian women have fallen into this ugly, destructive trap. If your family is first, you will do everything you can to be home full-time with them taking care of them. Working outside of the home to make more money and gain leadership skills does nothing beneficial for the family except give them more stuff and less time. On her death bed, all that stuff and leadership skills will mean nothing to her family.

She said that she doesn't want her daughter to "stay at home and do nothing with her education." This is the great lie of feminism that has caused mass destruction to the family and upon children. Putting your time and energy into raising eternal beings to be self-controlled, hard-workers and lights in this dark world is NOT wasting your time! It is the greatest and highest work a mother can do to contribute to this world! 

Should we have a goal to "change the world?" The only objective we should have is to glorify the Lord in all we do and share the Gospel with the lost. I don't think this is what this mother meant with teaching her daughter leadership skill and changing the world. This world needs JESUS period. It doesn't need more movies, more singers, more lawyers, more anything; it needs Jesus. It needs those who are going to live their lives quietly; work with their hands; stay married until death do they part; parents who raise godly offspring and people who are obedient to the ways of God.

If you have the same mindset of this mother, please renew your mind with God's Truth and His ways. Your children need you at home taking care of them, disciplining and training them in all areas, and teaching them the ways of the Lord. They don't need more stuff or "leadership skills." They need Jesus and you, mothers, are the ones who are called to teach them all about Him. Jesus is the only One who can change the world. The only way we should want to change the world is that all know Jesus. Raise your children to know and love Him so they can go out into the world and teach others about Him.

And did not he make one? Yet had he the residue of the spirit. 
And wherefore one? That he might seek a godly seed.
Malachi 2:15