Thursday, January 14, 2016

Boys Need Their Mothers

"Boys need more of their mothers in order to be greater men. And any mother who follows her maternal instincts, examines her own motivations, and does the best she can, will be a good mother. Boys don’t need perfection; they just need you there....There is a good reason why many adult men fail to trust women. They do so because many have never experienced healthy bonding with their mothers. And if a boy grows up with an alcoholic, workaholic, or absent mother, he quickly learns to withdraw from women. But the hurt doesn’t stop with the withdrawal. He pulls away to guard himself from further insult. He subconsciously concludes that she is not available for him because he is not worth her time or affection. And if he is valued this little by his mother, he must be valued less by others who aren’t supposed to love him. Ultimately, his affection and respect for himself suffers and he feels quite alone. The investment of physical and emotional energy that a mother gives a son is very serious stuff. When a mother chooses to be away from her son, regardless of the reason, the impact on her son is greater than she realizes."

These powerful words are from an article by Dr. Meg Meeker. The great tragedy of the feminist movement and mothers leaving their homes for careers has been the devastation on the children. Yes, boys need their mothers home with them full-time. {Little girls do also, but this post concerns boys.} Mothers provide what no one else can for them. The results of mothers leaving their homes has been tragic on so many levels and as the years go on, more and more devastation will result.

Too many women decide that they are more important than being home with their sons. They have career aspirations they must fulfill and in the meantime, their sons are feeling abandoned by them. This is a plague affecting way too many children today. The reason it is so devastating among boys is because they are called to be the leaders of our nation and the fathers of our children. Without strong leaders and fathers, this nation has no chance of surviving. Boys are in desperate need of full-time mothers. We cannot disregard God's clear instructions to mothers without a great cost to others, especially our children.

Another thing it affects is marriage. Without a strong bonding to a mother, he will have a difficult time bonding to his future wife. He may escape into video games or pornography to seek for fulfillment and worth. Many young boys of single mothers or mothers who work full-time seek out gangs to feel worthy and part of a family. {This doesn't include single mothers who lose their husbands to death since God is a father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation {Psalm 68:5}. I have had two close friends who lost their husbands when they had young children and their children have turned out great because they never felt abandoned, as do those children who come from homes where mothers work full-time or from divorced parents.}

When God wrote the instruction Book for us on how we are to live our lives, He knew what He was doing and what is best for us. He didn't write it so we would miss out on life but that we would have the abundant life that He desires for us to have. He knows what is best for us. He knows what is best for our sons. Our sons need their mothers home full-time loving and caring for them. Your future daughter-in-law will thank you one day for raising such a great, secure and hard-working son. Your grandchildren may even thank you one day for raising such a great father for them and the cycle goes on and on producing beautiful fruit. 

The sacrifice you are making, mothers, to be home with your sons and raising them up in the Lord is priceless. The Lord sees the sacrifices you are making and He is well-pleased. He made little boys to need a mother. Be there for them. Be there full-time watching over them and steering them on that narrow path that leads to life. In today's perverted culture, they need mothers watching over them more than ever before.

I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.
1 John 2:14