Sunday, October 13, 2013

Be Of One Mind, Live In Peace

The Bible continually admonishes us to live in peace, to pursue peace, and to be called peacemakers.  II Corinthians 13:11 states, "Be of one mind. Live in peace."  This should define our lives, especially our homes.  For how will the world know God if they don't see his attributes being lived out in His children?

This is why God establishes order in the church and in the family.  Every organization needs leaders.  If there is one leader and everyone respects and obeys that leader, there will be peace whether in a church or family.

I have been in churches where people did not respect the leader and there was no peace.  Most families have no leader and there is strife and chaos.  God doesn't make commands to make life miserable for us but to make it better.

Many women don't agree with submission or a husband's leadership.  However, if you ever want to be of one mind and live in peace, the best way is to allow your husband to lead and you follow his lead.  It is quite simple really.  It works in businesses, government, and churches.  It will work in the home.

I just ran into a beautiful young woman who was just about to be married. Yesterday was her wedding, in fact.  I spoke to her about my ministry.  She was blessed to be raised in a home where there was no strife; her mother was submissive to her father, and her father was the leader.  She was modeled a Christ-centered marriage and home.  She is on her way to a fabulous marriage, I told her.

It is never too late to change!  God's ways always work when obeyed.  He is a good God and He would love to see all of His children being of one mind and living in peace.  He is no different than us.  We want the very same thing for our children.

The end of that verse in II Corinthians ends in a promise, "And the God of love and peace shall be with you."  God keeps His promises.  Believe Him.