Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The War Against Boys

Do you know that every road, freeway, building, home, jet, car, appliance, and most of the items we use in daily life were invented and built by men?  Men are the cornerstone of any society yet our society continues to tear them down.

Women are outnumbering men in almost every educational institution.  Many boys grow up without fathers and no masculine role models in their lives.  Our society is slowly being feminized, even in the churches.  We use to sing, "Onward Christians soldiers, marching on to war..."  Does your church ever sing that?  Now we sing songs like, "I want see You, I want to touch You....," more touchy, feely kind of songs.  If women had their way, there would definitely be no football.

We need men!  We need them to defend us if evil attacks.  I just heard that little boys are suspended from school if they play cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers!  They have slowly been taking away recess out of schools also, the only place boys have to get out their aggression. This is tragic!  We must allow our boys to act like boys.

Mothers, do not interfere when your husbands are tough on your boys.  They don't want wimpy sons.  They want strong men who can handle the difficulties of life and fight for their wives and children.

I have heard on different shows and read in different books women saying that the world would be a much better place if women ruled the world.  Little do women know, the best place to rule the world is by raising children with your values to go out and spread those values.

Never think that your place in the home is worthless.  It is God's ordained place for you.  You will have a much greater impact on society if you raise your sons to be men of God who take strong stands for goodness, morality, integrity, and honesty.

Here is a good book written about the war on boys.  Let us not allow our boys to be feminized by this culture.  Teach your daughters the value of masculine men.  Have your sons listen to pastors like Mark Driscoll who admonishes men to be men. Don't let society steal our sons.

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, 
be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.
I Corinthians  6:13,14