Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rewinding Her Mothering Career

Isn't this the cutest family?  Seven precious children all in a row.  What greater blessing from God can you ask for?  So many couples fear having a lot of children.  The main reason given is financial reasons.  I don't think this should ever be a reason to not have children.

During Israel's bondage in Egypt when they were slaves, they grew mighty and powerful from all the children they had.  God is our provider.  If He blesses you with children, He will provide.  Meditate on Psalm 37:25 and believe it.  Never take your fertility for granted!

 The woman in the above picture wrote a beautiful post about her mother.  Her mother lost her father to cancer after 35 years of marriage.  Her mother wrote down a list of all the things she wish she would have known about her husband and how she should have treated him while he was alive.  Learn from her!

If I could rewind my mothering career, I would have put more energy and emphasis into being a better wife. Our primary vocation is to be a wife first and then a mother. Because of the exhausting demands of small children, most women lose focus on their marriage. Either they overlook their spouse and put him on the bottom of their “to-do” lists or they begin to treat him “as one of the children.” The bond of marriage is stronger than the bond of children because in marriage, “two become one flesh”—one flesh—you are no longer a single person after marriage you become absorbed into your husband.

I wish I had known how a man feels like a failure at work each day, and look to their wives to make them feel like a hero. If he comes home to a wretch, he feels like a failure at work and at home.

You can read the rest HERE.  It is so easy to forget that our main ministry in life is to be a help meet to our husband.  Don't wait until you lose your husband to remember this important truth.

And the LORD God said, It is not good that 
the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.
Genesis 2:18