Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Breaking The Chain Of Divorce

Some of the comments left on my blog are so powerful that I just have to share them with you.  I try very hard to teach God's Word plainly and clearly.  Some of the best ways to do this is by reading other's experiences.  This is the case with Kelley.  You can find her blog HERE.

Both of my parents worked outside of the home.  Dad never has lived for God and left mother for another married woman.  The gavel came down on their marriage after 25 years and two days.

Mother never griped, never complained about her lot in life of working Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 in return for money.  However, at 74 years of age, today Mother teaches what Lori teaches.  Why?  Because that's God's Word.  There is no judging when we simply teach the Word of God.

In the book of Isaiah, the Lord said, "Woe to the rebellious children that take counsel, but not of Me."  We should never be guilty of being in contempt with God's Word.

My parents' decision was that Mother would work outside the home as she raised four children.  That's history.  Lori isn't judging Mother; she is teaching women younger than herself what God's Word says, giving us parables or personal examples to back it up.  Of course, God's Word can always stand alone.  It doesn't need Lori to do that, but in obedience we older women teach the younger.  God's Word can never lie, be mistaken or incorrect.  Thankfully God is our judge and not Lori.

When I look back on my parent's marriage, I am sad.  I believe in my heart things could have been different if Mother had been able to stay at home and please her husband all day and all night long.  But it's history now and I must break that chain of divorce that is a fact of my parent's marriage, and both of their parent's marriages, and even their grandparent's marriages.  The stress on my parent's marriage is what's sad.  I know this from experience.

Such words of wisdom.  I am accused of judging others when I teach God's truth.  No, I am not judging you mothers who work, I am simply teaching you what God teaches and His ways.  Some of you really have no choice but a lot of you do.  Some want to be full-time mothers but your husbands won't let you.

Thank you, Kelley, for sharing your powerful story with us!

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
Psalm 119:105