Friday, October 18, 2013

Superbugs and Antibiotics

An infectious disease specialist was on Katie saying he is afraid of what our future holds concerning superbugs.  He thinks we are going to go back to pre-antibiotic days and many people will die much younger.  We have way overused antibiotics.  They were originally intended for life and death situations and now they are given for the common cold.

I get Dr. Dr. Schulze's newsletter and he talks a lot against the flu shot and antibiotics.  He believes working on a healthy immune system is the way to go since so many are dying from prescription drugs and getting superbugs in hospitals.

One doctor on the news stated that the ones with the strongest immune systems can usually pull through when they are infected with superbugs.  Dr. Schulze gave a list of some things we need to do to keep our immune systems strong so I thought I would list them for you.  

1 ~ Avoid sick people.
2 ~ Clean air.  Open your windows and let fresh air in as much as possible.
3 ~ Wash your hands often.
4 ~ Keep your fingers OUT of your nose, eyes, and mouth.
5 ~ Keep warm.
6 ~ Get more movement and sun.
7 ~ Get 8 hours of sleep.
8 ~ Avoid negativity.

I would add to watch carefully what you eat.  Eat food closest to the way God made it. Drink a lot of good bone broths salted with air-dried sea salt. Make sure you are getting probiotics from yogurt, kefir, or cultured foods for good gut health. Stay away from sugar and anything in a box or can. Eat mostly food prepared at home so you know what is in it.

We must not sit around and be afraid but do everything in our power to stay healthy and leave the rest with the Lord! If any of you have any more good suggestions, leave them in the comment section.  Thanks!

'For I will restore you to health 
and I will heal you of your wounds,' 
declares the LORD.
Jeremiah 30:17