Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thinking of Having an Affair? Board That Baby Up!

Affairs can begin very innocently but they always end in destruction. Here is a comment from another women who wants to remain anonymous who had an affair ~ 

My husband and I are healing over my unfaithfulness which was revealed last May 2014. If you are in a tempting situation with another man, I cannot reverberate enough to get out! It is mass destruction. I am walking this road of repentance and brokenness and there has been good that has come from it because God always brings good, however, not worth the cost. Complete devastation. My heart shattered, my soul in anguish, periods of moaning, especially in the beginning, that now I understand the Psalmist when he speaks of the moaning. It was with an old flame from 20 years ago. He kept "checking in" with me on Facebook even though he was not on my "friends" list. I do not have a Facebook account now. My choice. So much deception an affair is. So much confusion and nonsense. Looking back, you cannot make sense of it because God is not the author of confusion. Please, please, please! If you are in a situation and you think you can change a man and you are just being used by God or you feel your heart soften toward another man please, please do like Joseph and RUN! This is one sin that is ever before me. I still don't know if we will make it through. Such torment. I love you sisters!

Then another woman admitted that she was close to beginning an affair and the anonymous woman responded ~

 Stay Strong. DO NOT GIVE UP!! If you can think of anyone you can talk to, as sister in Christ, go to her. Confess what is going on. It will free you so much to share this burden with someone. But more importantly, hit your knees, let loose and confess it all to God. He is faithful to forgive you if you ask, and He will give you exactly what you need to overcome. Then take whatever steps you need in order to close the door that has been opened. Lock it. Bolt it shut. Board that baby up! Whatever it takes!!! {Speaking from experience here; what may FEEL good now will end up in destruction.} 

Another woman wrote a list of things that might happen if you are to follow through on this open door!

Have a lovely relationship with a *person* {nice for a time}
Get found out or end up confessing {ouch}
Break husband's trust {ouch}
Have to tell children what I have done {ouch}
Have to tell family and friends what I have done {ouch}
Divorce perhaps? {ouch} Or long road to healing {ouch}
Leave a legacy of unfaithfulness {ouch}
And more ouches!

When I have made lists like these, it has helped me to see that the carrot being dangled in front of my face is actually poison in disguise. I would also agree with the other comments and say that telling your husband is a good way to put water on the fire. Secrets lose their power when they are brought into the open. They can lose their glamour too!

Many of the chapters at the beginning of Proverbs warn men about prostitutes and how they are a path to destruction. Unfortunately, many women are on the path to destruction as they leave the husband of their youth to chase empty and destructive dreams of a more romantic relationship with excitement. Once all the passion is gone, you'll only be left with the ashes of a ruined marriage and if you have children, damaged children. It is NEVER worth the cost. Going against any of God's ways is never worth the cost but sexual sins are sins against your own body.

Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; 
but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.
1 Corinthians 6:18